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This page outlines all of the new information and updates added to this website. It also has some hidden tidbits, so newbies who want to catch up might want to get a little deeper in. Actually, that's an understatement. If you REALLY want to know these goats, check out these historical news pages. . .

Thank you, everyone, for all of your help. This is a team effort, and everyone has contributed so much.

We'll Miss You, Milton Blake.
The San Clemente Island Goat Association is extremely grieved to inform our breeders that Milton Blake passed away on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

Mr. Blake owned one of our foundation bloodlines: the Blake line. Over a decade ago, most of Milton Blake's goats were sold to Bernard Gil, who brought them up to Canada after a quarantine period with Dave Adams (New Hampshire). Gil added them to his herd, but since that time no Blake goats have reentered the United States. The Blake genetics are still conserved in the Gil line.

Milton Blake continued to conserve his remaining goats on his farm for many years as they enjoyed returning to a feral lifestyle. Mr. Blake and his wife Eugenia ('Genie') were most welcome guests to the annual San Clemente Island Goat parties, and showed their breed dedication by driving up all the way from North Carolina to northern Virginia to attend! We all loved Milton!

We are deeply appreciative of the work that Milton Blake put into conserving San Clemente Island goats, and he shall be greatly missed.
Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, especially his wife Genie, who may be reached at:
Dr. Eugenia Blake, 723 Old 74 Hwy, Chadbourn, NC 28431.
(Posted February 2017)

Welcome, John!
Thank you John Carroll for taking on the San Clemente Island Goat Association! John stopped by Leslie's place last week and picked up the last of the SCI archives! John's been coordinating the association for months, and the transition has been as smooth as cream!
(Posted February 2017)

Pedigrees on the Web!
It's just a start, but the work has begun! Our Association is posting pedigrees on the web. They're raw, they're not complete, but the database is growing and available to everyone!
(Posted February 2017)

New DNA Page!
Some of you older breeders will remember pulling goat hairs years ago and sending them in. It's finally all coming together, and we can publish DNA facts for breeders! Please visit our DNA page at
(Posted February 2017)

SCI Goat Association Seventh Annual GOAT PARTY
There's no stopping us! This year's Goat Party will be held Saturday, October 15, 2015 in Northern VA. Bring your thumbdrive/flashdrive to get info from the SCI computer! More details on our Goat Party Page.
(Posted October 2016)

Springtime Mud and Coccidia?
Latest favorite coccidia treatment from John Carroll (he doesn't have a lot of coccidia, but he has hundreds of SCI goats) is Baycox (Toltrazuril). It is a very simple 1 dose treatment. Many breeders have been successfully dosing at 1 cc per 5 lbs bodyweight, given orally. John says you can get it from Canada, at

(Posted May 2016)

We Found a Missing Herd!
Thank you, Allan and Kim Sparks from Sparrowhawk Farm for finding one of the missing SCI herds of yesteryear. Years ago, Phyllis Larsen recounted how she and the Clapps drove a couple of hundred goats straight from the Island down to a town near Mexico. But neither Phyllis nor Diane could remember the name of the town. The Sparks recently pointed me to (you can read the article at the bottom of the page). I got in touch with the Whisenants. They no longer have any goats, but they'll be working with us to bring us more of their goat story!

(Posted April 2016)

Phyllis Larsen Gave Her Approval to Publish Her Paper Online!
Dr. Phyllis Larsen is a cornerstone of San Clemente Island Goat knowledge. She was there on the island when the goats were captured for relocation onto the mainland. Her work surveying hundreds of SCI goats before they were removed to the mainland has brought a little more sanity into the breed. White patches, single colors, multiple teats, parrot mouth, parasites: she surveyed it all.
But what most of us DIDN'T know was that Dr. Larsen was also one of the passengers in trucks that brought the goats not to the Fund For Animals' site, but bypassed them, and brought the goats instead to Garry Warren's aunt's farm (Garry was Larry Warren's twin brother, you might see it as "LW" in your pedigree). Dianne Clapp (now Nelson) was one of the drivers. They hand-picked Garry's goats for color variation, especially red. Phyllis was just along for the ride. . .
Dr. Larsen also was in the truck with Dianne and Jim Clapp hauling a trailer of San Clemente Island goats far southward, past San Diego. . . we never did find those.
If you're a good enough researcher to appreciate Dr. Larsen's paper, we hope that you'll find her to thank her. It's the seek-and-discover attitude that brings San Clementes to survival.
Dr. Larsen's paper is here for those who can appreciate it.
Phyllis Larsen Paper
(Posted February 2016)

Did you Miss the Party?
The 6th Annual SCI Goat Party was great! We had goats coming and going, food and fun, newbies and oldies and wannabe's. We even had a neutering demo! Lots of photos of goats and breeders on our 2015 Party page.
(Posted November 2015)

Back on Chemo!
Leslie Edmundson restarted chemotherapy, so prepare for delays in response. Her cancer blog can be found at
(Posted October 2015)

The Livestock Conservancy's National Conference Coming Up!
The Livestock Conservancy's National Conference, "The Age of Flavor," will be held in Santa Rosa, CA November 5-7, 2015 at the Flamingo Conference Resort. Come join America's leading organization working to protect nearly 200 livestock and poultry breeds from extinction and enjoy programs on conservation, animal husbandry, food, marketing, and more. Enjoy heritage breed meals as you network with other attendees and talk one-on-one with experts in livestock and sustainable agriculture. For more information, visit, email, or call (919) 542-5704.

National Heirloom Exhibition Coming in September 2015!
The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition (a fair with lots of heritage breed stuff) will be held September 8–10 (Tuesday–Thursday) at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA.
20,000+ visitors are expected at this three-day celebration of pure food and sustainable lifestyles.
Heritage & Fiber livestock and poultry exhibits in the barn with many contests and judging occurring. (We'd love to see how they judge heritage goats!) Animals will be housed in the Sheep Barn in pen measuring 8' x 8' (can easily be extended to 8' x 16', etc). Expo staff stay in the barn during the Expo, for the safety and security of your animals. Also available is the large field adjacent to the barn for larger animals or larger pens (this is where the SCI's stayed the first year they participated). No charge for exhibiting animals.
Check out the website at or their Facebook page or email or phone 707–773–1336.

Winter 2014/2015 SCI Goat Count is IN! Thank you, Breeders, for your fantastic response!
Breeding/breedable does: 425 (up from 2013ís 357)
Breeding/breedable bucks: 229 (up from 2013ís 204)
Non-breeding goats (wethers/barren/retired): 77 (up from 2013ís 66)
Total San Clemente Island Goats: 731
Number of farms: 79
Canada: 3 provinces, 6 farms.
USA: 22 states, 73 farms.
Estimated total global SCI goat population: 756 (up from 657).
(Posted March 2015)

How Big is YOUR Goat?
It seems that San Clemente Island goats show a wide array of sizes. Get out your tape measure next time you're messing around with your herd, and tell us the results. . . we'll be posting them on the Meat Goat page.
(Posted January 2015)

The Livestock Conservancy is spotlighting breeds and breeders in a TLC podcast series. Sounds fun, huh? To find out more, check out the podcast flyer.
(Posted December 2014)

We Won!
San Clemente Island goats got the top Livestock Conservancy award! Leslie Edmundson was presented the 2014 Bixby-Sponenberg Breed Conservation Award. Obviously it really goes to ALL of us fantastic SCI goat people! Well done, and thank you Livestock Conservancy for watching over all of our endangered breeds!
(Posted November 2014)

Party Pics Are On!
Take a peek at this year's party! If you missed it, we'll expect you next year!
(Posted October 2014)

Back in Action!
Thank you, everyone, for being so patient this year—and a HUGE thank you to John Carroll for taking on e-mails and phonecalls for Leslie. Your prayers and good thoughts really worked—she's now in remission and getting back into the groove!
(Posted October 2014)

SCI Goat Association Fith Annual GOAT PARTY
There's no stopping us! This year's Goat Party will be held Saturday, October 18, 2014 in Northern VA. More details on our Goat Party Page.
(Posted September 2014)

The Great Goat Gathering at Yvonne's
We all know Yvonne Zweede-Tucker, author of The Meat Goat Handbook that features so many of our San Clemente Island herds. This year Yvonne has put together more goat experts for her Great Goat Gathering in Montana on Saturday, October 18, 2014. A website for the Gathering can be found at, or leave a message for Yvonne at or at 406–466–5952 to ask questions.
(Posted September 2014)

Jules Murray in New York just had QUADS! They were featured in a recent article by Kate Seckinger ar Want one? Check out our For Sale page (also shows cute quad photo!
(Posted June 2014)

New Buck Page
We just posted a page for newbies who aren't really sure about whether they're ready for an SCI buck. Hopefully if they understand how easy SCI bucks are to keep, we'll have fewer does waiting around for a partner. Go to Bucks Page.
(Posted December 2013)

2013 SCI Goat Count is IN! Great Job, Breeders!
Breeding/breedable does: 357 (up from 2012ís 259)
Breeding/breedable bucks: 204 (up from 2012ís 136)
Non-breeding goats (wethers/barren/retired): 66 (up from 2012ís 50)
Total San Clemente Island Goats: 627
Number of farms: 44
Canada: 3 provinces, 4 farms.
USA: 22 states, 40 farms
Estimated total global SCI goat population: 657 (up from 500).
This is amazing. If we keep this up, we can get to 1,000 in no time at all! THANK YOU, EVERYONE! Your kids and grandkids are getting out there and multiplying. GREAT JOB!
(Posted November 2013)

Fun SCI Article!
Thank you, Norah Messier from Massachusetts for the great article "The Housegoat" on ( ) It includes loads of cute photos of her beautiful SCI goat "Sandy."
(Posted November 2013)

Pics from the Annual SCI Goat Party October 2013
It was a great party! We posted some photos on the 2013 Goat Party page. If that was YOUR hat, it's still here. . .
(Posted October 2013)

Need Info on Canadian Heritage Livestock
We just got in this news: "There is a new heritage livestock group, based out of Alberta—Canadian Heritage Livestock, they have a good following on Facebook and from their website seem quite pro-active." We'd like to hear more from our Canadian breeders about this group!
(Posted October 2013)

Is she just a non-breeder or is she a hermaphrodite? How can you tell? Link to our new hermaphrodites page.
(Posted October 2013)

More "White" Goats
The longer we can keep this breed from becoming extinct, the more opportunities we have of seeing how cool they can be! Check out the latest "white" goats. It's the same old genes, but a different expression!
(Posted October 2013)

SCI's Showing Off in Texas!
Grace Heritage Ranch in Santa Monica, Texas, will be hosting a Farm Day on Saturday, October 26th. The Schalk's herd includes the rarest bloodline (Ahrensberg) of all of our San Clemente Island goats. We appreciate this wonderful opportunity for the public to see San Clemente Island goats in person! More details at
(Posted October 2013)

2013 Annual SCI Goat Party!
The Annual SCI Goat Party will be held Saturday, October 19th, 2013 in The Plains, Virginia. It's a great place to meet up with breeders! Newbies welcome! For more information, please visit our 2013 Goat Party page!
(Posted September 2013)

More Press Coverage!
Hats off to Julie Murray in NY who got our breed into September 2013 issue of The Goat Rancher Magazine, which is the top meat-goat producers' magazine in the USA. You should be able to find a copy at your local Tractor Supply Store. Thanks, Jules!
(Posted September 2013)

ALBC 2013 Conference
The Livestock Conservancy (formerly the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) will be holding its National Conference in Cary, North Carolina, November 8–9, 2013. For details, please visit
(Posted September 2013)

Tragedy in Minnesota
We were very sad to hear of the fire at Jerry Gauquie's farm. He lost many British Soay sheep and 12 San Clemente Island goats. But it's hard to keep Jerry down—he's still going strong, and still plans to attend the Annual San Clemente Island Goat Party this October in Virginia. Jerry has goats of almost every bloodline out there, so if you need new genes, give him a call! He has some bucks that are ready to go this summer, too!
Our hearts go out to you, Jerry, and we're sorry for your loss.
(Posted July 2013)

Hot Chile!
Thank you Julie Murray in New York for her continued success in "Getting out the Goat." Once again, Julie has brought more press coverage to the breed. To see her buck "Chile" making his debut as magazine cover boy, take a peek at Chile was conceived at SVF Foundation in RI, born at Little River in VA, trained at Half Moon Farm in NY, and is now enjoying stardom at Mack Brin Farm in NY.
(Posted June 2013)

SCI Registry Opening!
The San Clemente Island Goat Registry is officially opening this month. It's FREE.
The Registry is available to all SCI breeders, free of charge, and if you really need a flashy certificate you can get that, too.
The new San Clemente Island Goat Registry is run and sponsored by SCI breeders who care more about breed conservation than about making a fast buck (actually, some of them HAVE fast bucks, but you know what we mean. . .)
(Posted March 2013)

Bernard Gil is Back!
Bernard Gil did NOT, according to rumor, retire in Spain. The legendary Bernard Gil, progenitor of Canada's Gil line, which includes the only-remaining Blake bloodline goats and also Island originals from Sarah Waters via O'Ben, is back in action and looking to conserve "white goats." (Sorry about the Spain rumor, it wasn't started by Leslie, but she was instrumental in keeping it going. She'd be a little more apologetic if Mr. Gil didn't think a retirement in Spain sounded lovely).
(Posted March 2013)

New York Breeders and Hurricane Sandy
So far, we've heard from Julie Ann Murray who was prepared for the storm. Her farm came through with little damage. Yay! You can read the newpaper article about her farm at
(Posted November 2012)

Third Annual SCI Goat Party
The Third Annual San Clemente Island Goaty party was held on October 20, 2012. It was a great group encompassing newbies, oldies, and mush more. Details at For those we missed, the next party will be held on the third Saturday of October 2013.
(Posted November 2012)

2012 Drought Relief
It might help, it might not. Disaster Relief
If you're travelling with goats into a drought area, it would be pretty nice to stick as many extra high-protien bales on the trailer as possible. . . If you're a wanna-be owner in a non-drought area, maybe you could offer a temporary "eat-my-weeds vacation"?
(Posted August 2012)

Fun with Cashmere?
If anyone is looking for more fun with goats, why not test their cashmere quality? $7.50 per goat at If you try it out, please share your results with the rest of us!
(Posted June 2012)

Get Out Your Pens
Small Farm Today is seeking articles, and we need to get more press for San Clemente Island goats! Writer's guidelines are at
(Posted May 2012)

Plan for the 3rd Annual San Clemente Island Goat Party!
Coming up this fall on the third week of October, Saturday October 20th, 2012 in The Plains, VA! Please plan to attend! Our guest list of breeders from all over the USA is growing—it's a great time to plan goat trades! Our Party Page changes monthly with more reasons and ways to attend. . .
(Posted April 2012)

Spring 2012 Goat Count Results!
Thank you, everyone, for your help in the count!
Please note that our count does not include kids. We have:

Breeding does: 259 (down from last year's 291);
Breeding bucks: 136 (up from last year's 118);
Non-Breeding goats: 50 (down from last year's 56)
Total counted: 445 (down from last year's 465)
Estimated Global Population: 465
Bloodlines: 9 (USA 7, Canada 2)
Number of farms: 44 (39 USA farms in 21 states, 5 Canada farms in 3 provinces. A few breeders are unlisted but counted.)

(Posted April 2012)

Our Goats are Getting More Fame!
Thank you to all the San Clemente Island goat breeders whose goat photographs are now published in the brand new Meat Goat Handbook! Copies are arriving at your local farm stores, but if you buy "straight from the farm" the author gets to keep a few bucks!
(Posted January 2012)

We need Scrapies Enrollment!
Canada's import regulations are pretty tough, so we're joping that American breeders will consider enrolling in the National Scrapies Certification Program. For a quickie overview of what this entails, please visit our new Scrapies Page.
(Posted December 2011)

October 2011 SCI Goat Party!
That was GREAT! A potluck of both food and breeders! Details and photos on our Goat Party page!

We Lost a Bloodline!
The last remaining goat of the Blake line has died. We are grateful to the Blakes for stewarding the breed for many years. The Blake genes are no longer available in the United States, but are continued in the Gil line in Canada.

Spring 2011 Goat Count Results!
Thank you, everyone, for your help in the count!
Please note that our count does not include kids. We have:

Breeding does: 291;
Breeding bucks: 118;
Non-Breeding goats: 56
Total counted: 465
Estimated Global Population: 500
Bloodlines: 9 (USA 7, Canada 2)
Active (human) Breeders listed on web: 47 (39 USA in 22 states, 6 Canada in 2 provinces. A few breeders are unlisted but counted.)

We're increasing at an increasing rate! What a great team we have!
(Posted April 2011)

Call for Input and Photos
In late 2011 and early 2012, once all of our breeders can begin to answer demand for goats, we will be publicizing the hardiness and capabilities of our goats on a large scale. San Clemente Island goats will be "going public." We need high-resolution (over 1 mg) photos, breeders' findings and stories, etc. It's also time to send in milk samples, cashmere, and taste-testing reports. Mothering or forage findings, ability to sell offspring, health, you name it, we need a clear picture for upcoming readers in all types of publications. If you can write articles or interesting letters, we need those, too. It's time that San Clemente Island goats come into their own. Stage lights are about to turn on, let's do it!

National Animal Germplasm Program
The National Animal Germplasm Program has been contacting breeders about a genetic testing project headed up by Carrie Welsh. They recently changed their minds about including San Clemente Island goats, and no longer seek samples. We're hoping they'll initialize their work with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy next time to save a step.

Goats on the Move
Springtime kids bring new breeders. Welcome to Vicky in NY and Tess in VA and the Blackwells in TX! Vicky (NY) found a neat video on neutering. . . very educational, but the music and the hairy buck add quite an interesting slant to the whole thing. Worth a watch.

As we cheer for the breeding hubs that are growing so quickly, we also need to keep our eyes on the 'stranded' goats. Texas is holding the last of the Ahrensberg bloodline by a thread, but still holding, thanks to our new and 'old' breeders there. Big thanks to NB and MN for watching bloodlines and bringing goats home from impossibly long distances to keep 'em all going!

2010 Goat Trade Party in VA
Goat trading, group hoof trimming, curries, wine, fireside chat, dog tricks, goat tricks—we had fun, but didn't last nearly long enough. The party will repeat in The Plains, VA, around October 2010, all SCI breeders welcome. Our guest room is booked, but there's room for tents/small campers or there's local B&B. We'll volunteer KY for his BBQ skills, VA for tent-pitching/camper grounds (very scenic spot), and local goat cheese. The SCI population is so small, it wouldn't take too much to get close to the other SCI breeders. And they're a great group. Goats welcome, biosecurity essential.

Winter 2009/2010 Goat Count Results!
Thank you SO much to breeders who helped us tally SCI goats this winter. We heard from almost everyone, and it was an amazing show of support from our breeders. Our count does not include kids. We have:

Breeding does: 274 (227 USA, 47 Canada);
Breeding bucks: 84 (76 USA, 8 Canada);
Non-Breeding goats: 57 (50 USA, 7 Canada)
Total counted: 415
Estimated Global Population: 450
Bloodlines: 10 (USA 8, Canada 2)
Active (human) Breeders listed: 32 (26 USA in 17 states, 6 Canada in 2 provinces. A few breeders are unlisted but counted.)

So our increase over the past year was only 8%? There are a couple of factors: we have many breeding animals who do not have partners. We also have a couple of larger herds that are showing possibly outdated numbers until we hear otherwise. And we will always have a few retirees on board. Thank you, John, for helping fix the bachelorette (does without partners) issue in a major way. And where would we be without the miles travelled in 2009 by Jerry and Lynn and Elizabeth and new breeders? Thank you, too, for those of you who stayed at home and bred what you have. We need that, too!
(Posted March 2010)

Almost Lost a Bloodline Due to Mineral Salts
Let's compare labels. Send 'em in! We also need to have more communication between breeders. If you're up for helping a novice, even if you are a novice yourself, we need to know. Either way, check out the new Salts page.

Cold Snap in Canada
On December 14 2009, Temperatures in Alberta, Canada dropped to to 43 degrees below zero. We have SCI goats there!
Sandra Kenyon (SCI goats Alberta) writes: "The barn will go down as low as -25C during the night as we've had -39C as the ambient temperature. The goats are doing amazingly well! There are a total of 25 goats in the barn and one mammoth donkey so lots of body heat to keep things warm!"
For those of you who think in fahrenheit, once you get to about 45 degrees below, centigrade, it equals about 45 degrees below, fahrenheit. San Clemente Island goats can survive, as long as we keep breeding!

More Publicity!
Thank you to our breeders who are getting the local press to educate the public about San Clemente Island goats. Here's one from Carole Coates. . .
Read article now.

Gift Suggestion. . . Beautifully-written book! "Dogtown Chronicles" includes SCI goats
Not only does Doris Ober write about SCI Goats as a breeder, but her talent as a writer is breathtaking.
So many 'animal' books show a story-book glamorization of farm-life or 'amazing animal personalities,' but not this one.
"Dogtown Chronicles" is a perfectly-paced realistic view of what most of us do as small breeders, including the joys, deaths, and not-sure-what-happened effects and feelings of a woman who finds that sometimes animals aren't perfect as the hay gets heavier and the predators hover. . . the strong love stays, but the love you feel isn't always as deep for every member of the herd.
Doris puts those in-between emotions that we all experience into words, which is a hard thing to do. She brings out your laughter or tears within a page.
In "Dogtown Chronicles," Doris manages to weave our lives into a book that's hard to put down. The book has enough stories that we can sink into for the few minutes we have before we go out to put up the goats, and is one that we'll eagerly continue reading later, as time allows, without losing the thread of the tale. It was wriiten by one of us, and you get the feeling it was written FOR us.
Doris Ober's goat, Isabella, is the Cover Girl for the San Clemente Island brochure, and photographer/husband/conservationist Richard Kirschman has peppered this book with award-winning photography.
To order a copy please visit

DNA Results Are In!
The first phase of San Clemente DNA is in. Thank you to everyone who contributed! Very interesting stuff, call Leslie to find out more. 540-687-8871. It's also time for the Fall Goat Count so we need to touch bases anyway. . .

Another Island Photo
We just got in more island photos. Here's one that was taken during Tom Beene's early 1970's round-up.
Go to White Goats page now.

1956 San Clementes!
Here's a neat photo that y'all haven't seen yet, taken by Mr. Bensenhaver in about 1956. He used to help out the orphan kids when he was stationed on the island. Hopefully we'll get to share more of his memories and photos this summer. Wait. . . is that a FROSTED nose? Yikes. That would throw an interesting genetic twist into the works, huh?

Got Photos?
SCI Breeder and historian Carole Coates is looking for high-resolution jpeg photos for her website. It would be a great opportunity for all of us to take a peek at the similarities and differences among our herds. She will also be showcasing other exterminated island breeds. Please contact Carole at

New Bloodline!
Welcome, Nellie Gail goats! This composite bloodline has been in southern California for years, and has now surfaced for the rest of us to enjoy. Bloodlines are listed on the Breeding page. (Updated January 2009)
Go to Breeding page now.

Paternity Testing
Links to paternity testing labs for both U.S.A. and Canada are now available on our health page. (Updated January 2009)
Go to Health page now.

Wait a Minute. . . Are They Spanish or Not?
Find out more about San Clemente Island goat origins as DNA investigations continue. (Updated December 2008)
Go to DNA page now.

2008 Fall Goat Count Is In—Looks Like We Broke the 400 Mark!
Thank you all for your response to the Fall 2008 SCI goat count. A few people did not respond, so we just used their figures from last year. We have 375 goats: 254 does, 77 bucks, and 44 non-breeding. New estimated total global population is now 425. Now that our buck shortage is coming to an end, we should have well over 500 goats by Fall 2009. Nice job! Please keep us posted on your herd numbers, and keep breeding!

We have a buck shortage and many does are waiting in heat with no suitors: is it fair to cull any of them?
Go to Breeding page now

New Breeders!
Everyone has been working hard together to help new breeders get started. Thank you! Keep an eye on our Breeder Map to see where the new breeders are located, or revisit the Breeder List page as we add more monthly. Our team of breeders is still growing steadily, and is a very effective and fun consortium.
San Clemente Island goat breeders are a very eclectic group, who are all dedicated to the breed with a wide variety of breeding goals and management strategies—this is essential to keep the genetic diversity going strong!
Every breeder brings something new to the table: we have those interested in dairy, meat, conformation, worm resistance, resilience, mixed-bloodlines, single bloodlines, mothering abilities. . . and our breeders are a mix of vegetarians, meat-eaters, intense management, low management, organic, big ranch, small yard, with different levels of experience and knowledge. That's exactly what we need to meet our conservation objectives. We're right on track.
Go to Breeder List page now

Goat Chow?
Do all those chemical names on your goat chow labels make your head spin? How do you compare Feed 'A' with Feed 'B' without becoming a nutrition/biochemistry expert? Beginners, give us 5 minutes. This will be fast, easy, painless, and fun, and then you can compare feed labels and feel like a pro.
Go to Goat Chow page now.

Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy tests for goats are easy and cheap these days. 97% accuracy for $7.50. (Same place does CAE tests for $4).
Go to Breeding page now.

Here are a few ideas on how to get your goats home! Ruminant trailer transport, airlines that will take goats, and whether or not Amtrack is an option.
Go to Transport page now.

We have identified 7 strains of San Clemente Island goats. Some are composite strains, some have been closed herds since adoption off the island. You can either stick to a strain (good) or kick in some new bloodlines (also good).
Go to Breeding page now.

Milk Test Results
The first milk test results are in. San Clemente Island goats have super-creamy milk, and we're hoping you'll get out your milk bucket to help with the survey.
Go to Dairy page now

Zoos are getting interested in San Clemente Island goats. How do we handle that one?
Go to Zoos page now

White Goats
Find out everything there is to know (so far) about white coloring on San Clemente Island goats.
Go to White Goats page now

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