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In order to survive as a breed, San Clemente Island goats need geographical diversification and genetic diversity within the breed. If you would like to be a responsible steward for this highly-endangered breed, please consider beginning a breeding program. If you already have San Clemente Island goats, you may wish to get additional goats to improve your gene pool. If you don't want to breed goats, you may still be interested in purchasing any non-breeding goats available.

Photo courtesy of Richard Kirschman

Only purebred San Clemente Island goats may be listed on this page. We are relying on the integrity and knowledge of our breeders to provide accurate information and to act ethically. If you would like to list a goat for sale or trade, please contact us with as many details as possible. For Sale listings will be removed 30 days after posting. If you're looking for a goat, let us know and we'll post it here.

Tips for purchasing goats

  • Consider asking the breeder to sell the goat pregnant. This will increase the gene pool in your area. Don't expect a guarantee of pregnancy.
  • Goats have to have permanent ID to ship interstate for breeding. Usually this means a scrapies tag.
  • Think biosecurity—any goats you buy should be dewormed, healthy, and test negative for diseases specified by state regulations. (Go to Map page to find out what your state requires. If your state doesn't have breeders listed, visit the US State Animal Import Regulations site posted by the USDA.)
  • The San Clemente Island Goat Association only lists purebred San Clemente Island goats on this For Sale page and on our Breeder List.
  • If you're selling to a zoo, please read our zoo page.
  • Unsure about Scrapies and Scrapies tags? Visit our Scrapies Page.

For Sale

Many breeders do have goats for sale, but not all breeders post ads on this complimentary page. You may also wish to contact breeders directly (see Breeder Map page).

Need help with gas money? Rideshares can work. See For Sale section.

Maryland: 5 month old doe. Straight New Hampshire line. Vaccinated for CD&T and Rabies, and is registered with the IDGR. Very friendly and sweet, $150. Please contact Mary Chrusciel at or 301–873–3536
(posted October 2013)

Minnesota: We have two gorgeous bucks for sale—a yearling and a buckling born this year. Both are ready to go to work! Contact Abigayle Wilson at
(posted October 2013)

Newbies: Worried about getting a buck? Please visit our Bucks Page

California: Gorgeous kids for sale! Please contact Christalene Loren at 707–987–0840 or
(posted February 2014)

Minnesota: Jerry Gauquie spends LOTS of time travelling, usually with goats in tow! He can be reached at 612–708–5575.
(posted February 2014)

California: FOR PET ONLY—NOT FOR BREEDING. Female SCI goat for pet home only, not for breeding. She has a cleft palate, but is otherwise extremely healthy. No special diet needed, but she needs her nose wiped now and again. Beautiful temperament. Please contact Christalene Loren at 707–987–0840 or
Here are a couple of photos of her—

(posted February 2014)


California: Wanted 2 doelings for a new herd on central Calfornia coast. Please contact Chris Mathys at or 559–903–0772 or 559–438–9999 ext 11.
(Posted March 2013)

Alabama: Wanting to start SCI herd! Please contact John O'Malley at 205–995–8495
(Posted September 2013)

Georgia: Hoping to start a breeding herd of San Clemente Island goats! Please contact Michelle Moran at
(Posted November 2013)

Virginia: I am hoping to start a San Clemente Island goat herd on 40 acres in Spring 2014. Please contact me if you have some for sale! Rick 757–813–6022.
(Posted December 2013)

Texas, just north of Houston: Wishing to apply dairy goat experience to establish an SCI herd! Please contact Bobbie at or 936–594–8373.
(Posted December 2013)

Horns wanted: We got in an e-mail from Sigi Nussbichler in Austria seeking to purchase horns for $80-$100. The picture was pretty interesting. . .
(Posted March 2013)

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