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We need to increase the popularity of San Clemente Island goats. This can partly be done by increasing public awareness. As we don't have a budget to work with, all of you can help by printing out the brochures you need on the paper quality of your choice, and distribute them as you will. You can either use the brochure provided, or get your own customized version.

This is how to do it:

Download the brochure
This brochure is 2-sided, so you will be downloading 2 seperate pages (front and back, right?). The brochure will come in pdf format, which will automatically open with Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed on your computer.
The brochure file for page one is just under 2M. Page two is less than 1M. These may be too big for some dial-up internet users. Try it out.
If your internet connection chokes on large files, then you could either:

  1. Download them to a disk at a friend's house or at the library, or
  2. Have your local copy shop download them to a disk, or
  3. Have us send you a clean printed copy on paper, which you can take to have color copies made.
Here's what the brochure will look like:

Picture of page one of 2007 SCI brochure Picture of page two of 2007 SCI brochure

Print It Out
Once you've downloaded both pages for the brochure, print them out as a 2-sided document (you may have to run the paper twice through your desktop printer to do this. . . first print a stack of page ones, then use the flip side for a stack of page twos). Fold it inwards into three parts, and there you have it.
Note: Your desktop printer may not print exactly up to the edges, so the front cover may have a little white border around it. That's OK. If the white border seems unbalanced, check that your printer settings indicate "align center" and not "align right-center" or something.

Paper Choices
You may wish to try different types of paper. 61 lb. paper makes for a very sturdy brochure, that feels really "important." Colors may bleed through very lightweight paper. 2-sided photo paper may cause the colors to look a little saturated. If you're using the brochure for a few individuals, go for the highest quality. If you're putting a stack of them on a table at the fair and expect to see many of them casually discarded, keep it cheap.

Customize Your Brochure!
Promoting San Clemente Island goats is great, but promoting your San Clemente Island goats is even better! You may either use the brochure provided, or request a customized version.

Custom brochures will include your contact information on the back page, added to the list of addresses already there. You can also opt to replace one or all of the inside goat photos with photos of your own goats. Neat, huh? When doing so, please make sure that the photos are of the same "type" as those you wish to replace (horizontal close-up, center square shape, etc.). Let us know what you'd like, and we'll get you there. (It will be a question of you sending us photos and us doing the work, but with so few breeders it'll be a snap!) Then, we'll put your custom brochure on this site for download. All photos will be available for use with credits, so no copyrighted items, please! Also, we will only include photos of San Clemente Island goats.

Get Them Out There
San Clemente Island goats need as much help as possible. Please use these brochures for public education however you can. Here are some ideas:

  • Bring some to your local extension office.
  • Give some to your local 4-H leader for distribution to 4-H members.
  • Drop some by your co-op or feed store.
  • Bring some to the show/fair/auction/local diner.
  • Mail some to your local publications, and let them know it would be a good idea for a story.
  • Mail some to your family and friends, so they don't keep forgetting what kind of goats you have.

Have fun and Promote the Goat! Ready to download? Let's go!

Download Latest Brochure

Breeder's Custom Brochures

Printers—If you are printing out a brochure for a breeder and have any questions or difficulties, please contact us at 540–687–8871 or Brochures are 4-color, set for 8.5" x 11", double-sided, landscape orientation, and no bleed (bleed version looks nicer and available upon request). Original created in Adobe Indesign, downloads are pdf files.

Download Lindsey Farm Brochure

Download Mack Brin Farm Brochure

Download Carousel Critters Brochure, page one.
Download Carousel Critters Brochure, page two.

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